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HRx Coaching & Consulting
Why hire us when you have people internally who can consult for you? Research has proven time and again that having an outside consultant to review your organization can give you an objective and unbiased look at what's going on inside your company. We can deliver the results you need to make your company a high performance organization.

HRx provides coaching and consulting services in the following areas: Our consultants incorporate a number of different models in the data gathering process with a client. Using different models allows our consultants to tailor a systematic approach for every unique situation. Some models incorporated are:
Human Performance Improvement Strategies

HRx consultants have varied skill sets to enable solving the human performance issues that might arise in your organization. Some areas we can help you with are:
  • Cause Analysis
  • Work and Process Flow Analysis
  • Job Description Design/Redesign
  • Team Building
  • Assessment Instruments
  • Ergonomic Issues
  • Incentive/Reward Systems
  • Motivation Systems
  • Job Aid Design and Development
  • Resume Design and Development
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Design and Development of Training Strategies

HRx uses the ISD model which incorporates the use of subject matter experts. HRx has designed and developed technical and non-technical curriculum for the public and private sector.

Interviews are conducted with subject matter experts to gather information to build a curriculum specific to the client's needs. The HRx Instructional Designer uses the information gathered in the curriculum assessment to design and develop courses for specific performer issues that are identified in the analysis.

Courses can be custom designed in any area using this systematic approach. These include courses in computer based training (CBT) and web/internet-based training (WBT/IBT), professional skills training, and technical skills training.

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Facilitation and Presentation Coaching

HRx provides coaching services for facilitators or presenters looking to gain feedback for improving or mastering skills in facilitating workshops or delivering presentations to groups. HRx uses a list of criteria to assess areas of strength and areas for improvement.

Observations are 1-hour sessions and are video-taped to enhance the feedback provided. Feedback is provided after a thorough analysis of the individual's skills has been completed. The format for the feedback session is a one-on-one coaching session which includes segments of the video-tape to support areas identified.

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Courseware Development Coaching

Would you like to get a fresh perspective on courseware you have designed and developed? Or, are you not at the experience level to know if what you have put together for learning materials is effective?

HRx has the experience and the know how to guide you through the design and development of all your courseware projects. We combine the knowledge of information design with learning design to help you prepare the best learning materials for your client.

We will coach you through the design and development process, elicit feedback from you on areas to work on, provide you with feedback in areas to improve or change, work with you to effectively improve or make changes, and help you to become the expert you need to be in delivering quality learning products to your client.

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Strategic Planning

HRx facilitates meetings for organizations going through goal planning and objective clarification. Specifically, HRx can help you either define or redefine your mission and vision statements and to identify short term and long term goals. This helps to ensure that your goals are aligned with the customer, your suppliers, the environment, your employees, and your product line.

Our consultants incorporate a number of different models in the data gathering process with a client. Using different models allows our consultants to tailor a systematic approach for every unique situation.

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HRx offers a wide range of coaching and consulting services that can give your company what it needs to run like a high-performance organization. Take the first step towards making it happen... contact us.

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