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Achieve Company Goals Through
Performance Excellence

Improve workplace performance, standardize company training, increase organizational efficiency and create new and better systems.

Ramp Up TM Your Performance
New! An exciting workshop! Make the shift from traditional training to performance interventions, and have everyone onboard!
our prescriptions // your company’s success

Coaching & Consulting

Why hire us when you have people internally who can consult for you?

Research has proven time and again that having an outside consultant to review your organization can give you an objective and unbiased look at what's going on inside your company.

We can deliver the results you need to make your company a high performance organization.


Our workshops have a proven track record for improving performance.

Whether you choose one of our standard workshops or prefer a customized workshop to meet the specific needs of your organization, we have the solutions you need to train your staff in many human resource development areas.

Get the information you need to create positive change!

Certified Courses

Does your company need training in information design, project management, continuous process improvement, or content development?

HRx instructors have passed the certification process with national vendors to deliver human resource development and business skills courses. Make sure your staff is receiving certified instruction!


Motivate, educate, and entertain your team with a timely topic... everyone loves to hear a great speaker!

Inspire your team by having HRx come to your user group, professional organization, or deliver a brown-bag lunch session on topics related to improving performance.

HRx delivers ideas, solutions, and enthusiasm!

Want to Fire Up Your Team... Make it a Win-Win, and Watch What Happens!

As professional human resource management consultants and trainers, HRx can help! We deliver the tools your team needs to meet and exceed personal performance and company goals! Our training methodologies, HR tools, and speaking engagements have succeeded time and time again. Contact us.

When it comes to where we work, we're flexible. We can arrange for you and your staff to join us for one of our workshops in San Diego or we can come to your site wherever that may be. We believe in choices and want to help you find the best way to improve employee development.

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