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A Break-Though Process... where Total Quality Management left off!

Ramp Up TM Your Performance
New! Make the shift from traditional training solutions to interventions using the leading-edge Human Performance Improvement (HPI) Model.

An exciting workshop and board game!
Sharpen your skills and have some fun while learning and experiencing the full HPI cycle.
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Ramp Up Workshops

The workshop provides an overview of the HPI model and current trends in the training and development arena.

Get the knowledge and skills you need to make the shift from traditional training solutions to performance interventions.

The Ramp Up Board Game!

The Ramp Up Your Performance board game is based on the Human Performance Improvement (HPI) model. It works much like Trivial PursuitTM.

Participants get to test their knowledge from the lecture portion of the session while having a lot of fun.

Become a Ramp Up Training Partner

Are you a training or coaching professional that would like to add the Ramp Up Your Performance workshop to your portfolio? Learn more about how you can become a certified Ramp Up Your Performance partner and have access to the Facilitator Guide, Participant Guide, and Ramp Up Your Performance board game.

Is Your Organization Ready for a Blast of Positive Change?

Sharpen your skills and have some fun learning how to assess workplace performance issues. We break down the complex theory and models and give you the practical tools you need to bring harmony to your work place. You'll learn some HPI Theory, do some case studies, and experience the full HPI cycle. Come join us and Ramp Up your performance.

Find the correct interventions to solve your employee performance problems:
  • Information, tools and setting, incentives
  • Skill and knowledge, capacity to perform, motives influencing performance
Maximizing productivity in the workplace has never been more important than it is today. Get started with our HPI workshop and Ramp Up your organization's performance today! Contact us.
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