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January 2009, HRx facilitates the Ramp UpTM Your Performance Workshop for the San Diego Hospice and The Institute for Palliative Medicine. The one-day workshop features the HRx board game, Ramp Up . The board game facilitates the transfer of learning for the HPI process for participants in a fun and time efficient approach.

December 2008, HRx delivers a three-day ISD workshop to the staff of Hyatt Hotels at the Omaha reservation center.

November 2008, HRx receives approval by US Trademark Office, for Statement of Use (SOU) for the Ramp Up trademark.

July 2008, Barbara Greenstein appointed committee member to the ASTD ICE 2009 Program Advisory Committee to select speakers for the 2009 event.

June 2008,- Barbara Greenstein joins International Society of Performance Improvement (ISPI) committee to communicate Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) to the Education Community (K-12 and Universities).

May 2008, Barbara Greenstein serves as Day Manager for ASTD Volunteers at the 2008 ASTD International Conference and Exposition (ICE) in San Diego, CA.

April 2008, Barbara Greenstein facilitates the revised ASTD Selecting HPI Solutions Certificate Program in Las Vegas, NV. The workshop gets rave reviews from participants for it's interactivity and real world perspective.

April 2008, HRx delivers HPI for Managers workshop to the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Manager Development Institute. The one-day workshop covered the Human Performance Improvement Model and how to use specific tools to implement the model in County departments.

March 2008, HRx delivers Interactive Training Techniques Workshop for County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency Training and Development Staff. A participant commented, "The video taping portion, although a bit intimidating really helped narrow areas of need and what to work on. I loved it and of course no one delivers a more exciting, interactive, challenging, and fun workshop than Barbara."

February 2008, Barbara Greenstein facilitates a team building event and goal planning meeting for County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency Human Resource Managers.

January 2008, Barbara Greenstein certifies to teach another ASTD workshop. Ms. Greenstein adds the Advanced Designing Learning Certificate Program to her list of certified workshops for ASTD.

January 2008, HRx continues contract relationship with County of San Diego Health and Human Services. HRx is delivering the 8th iteration of the Human Performance Improvement/Instructional System Design workshop for employees tasked with training development for Agency training projects. HRx delivers the seven-session series in four-hour segments, once a week and covers topics on:
  • Is training the right solution?
  • 6 phases of Instructional Design
    • Analysis
    • Design
    • Development
    • Testing
    • Evaluation
    • Implementation
  • Adult Learning Theory
  • Distance Learning - What is it?
  • Surveys were sent to participants who attended the first five series in 2003/2004. The results showed that 63% of the respondents indicated they utilize the skills acquired in the sessions either daily, weekly, or monthly; 62% of the respondents indicated they have been successful in transferring their skills to the work place daily, weekly or monthly; and 62% of the respondents indicated they have noticed significant improvement in the way they do their work.

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