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March, 2005 - HRx delivers 'Presentation Techniques' workshop to Public Health Nurses from County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency. The workshop was a great success thanks to the excellent coordination of the Training and Development staff at the County of San Diego and the enthusiastic participants who attended. One participant's feedback - "Provided constructive criticism which will assist me in my presentations. The video taping was a great way to self-identify my strengths and weaknesses."

February, 2005 - Barbara Greenstein certifies to teach another Information Mapping workshop. Ms. Greenstein adds the 'Mapping Business Communications' (MBCO) workshop to her list of certified workshops for Information Mapping, Inc. Ms. Greenstein's first MBCO workshop assignment was achieved by completing three workshops for the County of Los Angeles Employee Retirement Association. When asked how it felt to have another workshop under her belt Ms. Greenstein replied, "I'm always happy to be teaching another Information Mapping workshop. The methodology is so easy to use and follow. I love sharing it with anyone who will listen."

January, 2005 - HRx continues contract relationship with County of San Diego Health and Human Services. HRx is delivering the 6th iteration of the Human Performance Improvement/Instructional System Design workshop for employees tasked with training development for the CalWIN project. HRx delivers the 7 session series in 4-hour segments, once a week and covers topics on:
  • Is training the right solution?
  • 6 phases of Instructional Design
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Evaluation
  • Implementation
  • Adult Learning Theory
  • Distance Learning - What is it?
Surveys were sent to participants who attended the first 5 series in 2003/2004. The results showed that 63% of the respondents indicated they utilize the skills acquired in the sessions either daily, weekly, or monthly. 62% of the respondents indicated they have been successful in transferring their skills to the work place daily, weekly or monthly. 62% of the respondents indicated they have noticed significant improvement in the way they do their work.

October, 2004 - HRx delivers HPI for Managers workshop to the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Manager Institute. The one-day workshop covered the Human Performance Improvement Model and how to use specific tools to implement the model in County departments.

June, 2004 - County of San Diego HHSA contracts HRx to deliver instructional development workshop for the 5th group of county employees. Four sessions were delivered to County employees in 2003/2004.

May, 2004 - HRx CEO, Barbara Greenstein receives top honor at the ASTD national convention.

March, 2003 - HRx partners with Health and Education Leadership Programs to design and develop WRAP (Workforce Readiness and Preparedness) workshop for County of San Diego HHSA 6500 employees.

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