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HRx Clients Say
Making sure our clients are satisfied is a number one priority at HRx. We continually work to ensure that we can improve what we do to satisfy client requests. The reputation we've built is the reason so many of our clients return to us when they seek answers for improving their overall organization performance.

"Excellent presentation - Your class facilitation skills are well developed: You didn't miss one opportunity to acknowledge participation of class members which built the self esteem of the individual class members and created a safe learning environment. Your questions always forwarded the learning of the class and resulted in a very high level of class engagement."

You were very comfortable with the material and therefore flexible to meet the class where we were at in our learning which enhanced the class engagement level with the material. Your communication skills are well developed, you did a great job listening to the questions of the class and tying your answers back to the content you were covering.

What a wonderful tool kit you have created! Thanks for sharing this with the class."

Greg Goates, Goates Consulting
"Thank you so much for the training workshop you conducted for us. The video process was absolutely invaluable. You created a relaxed, yet professional environment for us that made the learning process easy. Additionally, you create an environment that made hearing about the areas that we need to improve in practically painless by allowing us to EQUALLY focus on our strengths. I walked away feeling fine tuned and quite good about myself. Bravo."
Adia Varn, MPA, Manager, Policy & Planning Information Systems, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health
"I participated in your training sessions last Thursday at the San Diego conference. Both sessions were fun and informative. You are a delightful trainer. Thank you."
Jonette N. Arms, MS, Child Abuse Prevention Project Manager, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Child Protection Center
"I want to thank you for your time and dedication last week. I truly appreciate all your hard work and cannot wait to put all my new knowledge to work! Thanks for all your help and I will keep you posted on my progress!"
Sarah Baack, The Protocol School of Washington
"Thanks so much for the wonderful training last week. I am so glad to have finally received some training on how to design learning. I think the course has helped me realize I am in the right field. I look forward to my future as an Instructional Designer. Thanks again!"
Melissa Garlit, Comcast
"Thank you so much for your great facilitation of this course. Being new to this profession I learned so much that I can take back and start using right away. Thank you again for a great class you made it interesting and engaging. I look forward to staying in touch with you. Oh and by the way you really are AWESOME!"
Les T. Adkins, Learning Executive, Premiere Global Services, Inc.
"Thank you so much for this and for the 3 days of learning, it was extremely valuable, and you were fabulous! I hope to see you again in another course. Can I request you?"
Dawn Vieira, Citizens Bank
"All thanks go to you. The training was outstanding. We met as a staff the following morning to gain perspective of the training from the department. By all accounts my sentiments were echoed. Ed and I are meeting this week to explore next steps. I think we are excited about what the future holds. I will certainly keep in touch with you as we proceed. Safe travels!"
Sarah Berry-Rabun, Boys and Girls Club of America
"Thanks again for providing an enjoyable learning environment. I left with more than I entered with in terms of knowledge and skill. Keep up the great work. Learning drives performance. You contribute much to this area."
Mary Ortiz, Training Coordinator
"Thank you SO much for your all your selfless generosity! You radiate with passion for your work--what an ambassador you are for the ISD profession. We've come away from your class inspired and full of ideas on how to become even more critical to our clients' organizational success."
Brenda Elitzin, MA... Training Consultant, CPS Human Resource Services
"Thanks again for a fabulous workshop. Hope to see you again soon at an ASTD function!"
Kelle Hausler, Training Manager, Gamestop
"We enjoyed your class and really learned a lot. Maybe we'll see you at another ASTD conference!"
Diane Boyd CA, Sr. Learning Consultant, Technical Readiness
"Allow me to join the group of grateful clients on your list. I sincerely appreciate your formal appraisal of my work as a software applications trainer. Thank you for taking the time to video my training class and review the results with me. Your feedback and counsel have proven invaluable. Your advice has given me a roadmap to continue to improve my techniques, both as a trainer and as a communicator/facilitator."
Mary A. Heikkinen, STAR Software Training and Resources
"Thank you for all the professional development you have given me and therefore UCSD's School of Medicine. I can imagine that at times you could have lost sight of "what it is all about". But if it had not been for all your efforts, none of what I have done this last year would have happened, which resulted in the formal recognition from ASTD San Diego."
Karen Garman, Ed.D., Assistant Dean for Curriculum, UCSD School of Medicine
"Every manager wants people who can simply understand the goals of a project and make things happen. Barbara has proven to be that person on every project she's done for Richard Chang Associates, Inc. On a recent custom training development training project for one of our most important clients, she mowed down obstacles time and time again, and delivered a better product than the client ever imagined."
Joe Wilson, Richard Chang Associates, Inc.
"I completely enjoyed the ASTD Overview class you taught. The class readings, discussion, and activities were thorough and challenging! I walked away every week having learned many new concepts. The best part was that both my managers cited my attendance in the class as an instrumental part in leading to my promotion!"
Janet Anderson, Boeing
"Barbara was a wonderful facilitator and the session met the outlined objectives. I really got a lot out of it. I really did enjoy the session and Barbara did a very, very good job. Her passion and concern for the participants is a great asset. I look forward to attending a session with her in the future." Dave Rich, ASTD Class Participant
"Barbara Greenstein is an outstanding performance consultant and facilitator. I know Barbara through the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) and her involvement in Human Performance Improvement (HPI). She brings many talents to her work with clients, including: strong analytical abilities, deep experience in a variety of different organizations from for-profit companies to governmental organizations, excellent communication skills, and a powerful commitment to helping her clients. You can put Barbara in front of any audience and they will find value in working closely with her to improve organizational, employee, and personal performance."
Gregg Kober
"It was a full three days of learning for me and I'm still processing it all, but I'm excited to apply it to my job and share what I learned with others on my team."
Lisa, ASTD Class Participant
"Thanks so much!!!! The pictures made me smile and are getting me off to a great start for the week. Stacy and I presented and hour and half thumb nail of your presentation at our local ASTD meeting and got rave reviews and I actually did another thumb nail presentation for my staff here at SCANA and it was very well received. I think that is a direct reflection on you. Hope all is well, and maybe we will run into each other at conference or class. I hope so."
With kind regards... William, ASTD Class Participant
"Thank you for an enjoyable class. I learned many valuable skills and tools to help me become a successful HPI practitioner. Thank you for making the information interesting and real! Here's wishing you sunny skies, lush greens, and a put under 3 strokes!"
Rhonda Nelson, ASTD Class Participant

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