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Ramp Up Workshop
The Ramp Up Your Performance workshop provides an overview of the HPI model, current trends in the training and development arena, and guidelines for making the shift from traditional training solutions to performance interventions. Participants will learn how to use a holistic and systematic approach to improve employee performance so that your organization can save time, money, and improve employee morale.

Ramp Up Workshop Objectives:
  • Identify the Human Performance Improvement (HPI) model and its purpose in analyzing performance problems and opportunities for improvement in the workplace.
  • Compare the Gilbert Model to the Gallup 12 Questions Model
  • Explore the HPI model through a Culture Change intervention
  • Participate in the HPT process by participating in the Ramp Up Your Performance game activity
  • Create an action plan for using HPI in your workplace
Workshop and Media Methods: The mixture of media and methods includes lectures, large group discussions, small group discussions, and highly interactive experiential activities. The workshop is a combination of learning activities and is entertaining as well.

Onsite, One-day Ramp Up Your Performance Workshop

HRx and HRx certified training partners deliver the Ramp Up Your Performance workshop at your site. Please contact us to discuss pricing and your specific needs.

One-day Workshop Agenda:
  • Introduction/Administration (30 minutes)
  • Warm-up Activity: Pieces (30 minutes)
  • Theory and Process of HPI (60 minutes)
  • Break (15 minutes)
  • Harvard Business Review Case Study Review (45 minutes)
  • Lunch Break (60 minutes)
  • Ramp Up Your Performance Game (60 minutes)
  • HPI Case Study Review (60 minutes)
  • Break (15 minutes)
  • Group Debriefs (45 minutes)
  • Action Plan and Wrap-up (30 minutes)
HRx Ramp Up Your Performance coaching and consulting services give your company what it needs to become a high-performance organization. Take the first step towards making it happen... contact us.

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